Austria – Never knowingly underinformed

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Post Austria Never Knowlingly underinformed Have you had many opportunities (Covid years aside) to taste Austrian wine? If not, I would recommend grabbing the next available opportunity! A recent invitation to taste wines with Domäne Wachau in London, was not something I would ever pass up, for many reasons!  “The wonderful quality of Austrian wines […]

More Wine Information please!

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Post MORE WINE INFORMATION PLEASE! AND BTW WHERE CAN I FIND IT? As a producer your ideal is for people to want to know more about your wines, even more perfect if they then want to buy them.  Whenever you represent your wines face to face you can answer questions and volunteer the information you […]

‘So Niche it hurts’…Defining Wine Information

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Post ‘SO NICHE IT HURTS’…DEFINING ‘WINE INFORMATION’ AND WHO OR WHAT IS WINEWITHAL? Logically, it is good to be ‘niche’ with unique or distinctive attributes, that set you apart and get you noticed? With producers we could be talking about describing their winemaking, terroir, philosophies on natural, organic maybe, their history and their wine styles […]