Logically, it is good to be ‘niche’ with unique or distinctive attributes, that set you apart and get you noticed?

With producers we could be talking about describing their winemaking, terroir, philosophies on natural, organic maybe, their history and their wine styles and characteristics, anything that makes them special, to stand out from the crowd.  Similarly, for WineWithal we are looking to describe our area of expertise, specialised skillset, credibility as ‘wine information guru’ maybe…..

However, making good wine or being good at what you do, is not in itself, enough to get you noticed, especially, if you are pretty damn ‘niche’ (according to Google) – it can be a painful process…..

What is the right ‘wine information’ to define my ‘niche’, tell my story?
(don’t ask Google…)

Case in point – what is ‘wine information’?

Well as far as Google is concerned there are no easily searchable ‘keywords’ for this, which would help people magically find WineWithal’s services and expertise online.

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Keying in ‘wine information’, ‘product information’, ‘wine tech sheet’, ‘fiche’ or maybe even ‘tasting note’, will get you a multitude of differing results and not many ‘what is a wine information sheet?’ google type questions to help you drill down.

Who is the wine information for?

Aside from a lack of standard terminology to define ‘wine information’ or search Google online, more significantly, everyone will have a different expectation of what this represents.  What would they find useful and informative or would like to know about a producer or a wine?  There is no absolute right or wrong here, as it does depend on which audience the information is aimed at primarily.  From WineWithal’s perspective, we are focusing on information producers can provide about themselves and about their wines, specifically aimed at the wine trade and press.

What is useful wine information?

Ask the question on #winetwitter and everyone will agree that good quality information is needed and more of it – yes please!  As regards, defining what are the essentials and priorities, there is somewhat less consensus, everyone’s perceptions on ‘good quality’ ‘useful’ ‘interesting’ ‘vital’ ‘important’ information are different.  The perceptions and hence their requirements are generally shaped by that person’s intended end use of the information.  You can’t please everyone, but you can do a good job of getting this right.

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What is the right ‘wine information’ to define my ‘niche’, tell my story? (don’t ask google..)

So, when an importer, retailer, sommelier or a journalist asks for ‘wine information’ what do you need to provide? The rule of thumb, we flag up to producers is a good level of detail and specifics overall, including technical information, will be a much stronger requirement for the trade, than that which might be relevant and sensible to include or highlight online for consumers.

How do I get people to buy my wine and get found online?

Again, according to our friend Google, the more specialist your keywords, the more ‘niche’ you are, and you ‘may not easily be found online’ apparently…  For small producers it is also a balancing act as regards time and resources to be visible and meet different demands for information.  Baseline is that you need to provide good solid, detailed information and ensure it visible and accessible to help other people sell your wines.

Who or what is WineWithal?

In spite of Google, it is possible, we believe, to provide some good solid support for wines, for them to stand out in the trade, to get them visible and encourage people to want to know more.   A combination of setting out your unique (niche?) story, plus providing all important context (benchmark information and terminology – or is that keywords…?), plus some technical details re analysis, viticulture and winemaking, will provide an informed snapshot. 

We are all in this ‘niche’ together

We have concluded that you are fairly unlikely to find us when searching for ‘wine information expert’, given WineWithal’s ‘painfully niche’ services and skillset.  However, knowing that we are needed and some of you already know we are out there, is a good start!  Check out all our services for Producers or Importers and The Producer Toolkit.