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We are an independent wine consultancy, specialising in strategic planning, marketing and communication for small producers and specialist importers.  We offer insights, practical advice and contemporary solutions, from an experienced perspective on the UK wine trade.

Experience has taught us that, however good the wine quality or however distinctive the producer, they can seemingly fail to fulfil their sales potential in the UK market.

We advocate investing time and effort in getting the basics right for small producers and specialist importers, to avoid the frustrations of wines remaining undiscovered and unexplored by potential customers.

Our strategic approach will help you successfully navigate the complexities of the highly competitive UK wine trade, both contemporary and traditional.

"I have learnt the importance of building a good understanding and relationship with producers to bring their wines successfully to the UK market. As an importer you hold the responsibility for their livelihood".

Karen Jenkins, Founder at WineWithal

Karen Jenkins, Founder

Armed with a BA in European Business Studies, Karen began her wine career in retail and completed the WSET Diploma. She joined Richards Walford, one of the UK’s most respected, specialist importers at the very heart of the UK Wine Trade, where she gained her wide breadth of skills, experience, and wine knowledge.  Her all-encompassing role evolved working with their extensive portfolio of independent producers and exclusive agencies over many years, before the company, having doubled in size and turnover was purchased by Berry Bros & Rudd in 2012.

Karen’s strongest skill is her genuine enthusiasm and interest in individual producers and their wines.  Her ethos is to pursue partnerships and projects, which she feels she can wholeheartedly and genuinely support to gain maximum benefit from her insights, advice, strong communication network and reputation in the UK wine trade and press.  Now working independently, she never tires of the opportunity to explore new developments in wine world and new channels and approaches to the market.

A fascination with wine and food remains an integral part of everyday life, alongside a love of languages and travel. Extended culinary sessions, accompanied by loud music, are a favourite as is regular Nordic walking, nature photography and silversmithing.

Understand the demands in creating a good producer and importer working partnership in the UK market.