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for small producers
& importers

We offer insights, practical advice and contemporary solutions from an experienced perspective on the UK wine trade, to help talented small producers and importers meet the challenges of the UK wine market.


We will help you successfully navigate the complexities of the UK Wine Trade, whether you are seeking an importer or are already working in the market, with our experienced insights on your planning and approach.


We will help you support and improve wine sales to your target markets, with our experienced insights on agency management, planning and marketing.

Help your wines fulfil their sales potential

Avoid the frustrations of having good wines left undiscovered and unexplored by potential customers.

The Producer Toolkit

Our Producer Toolkit framework provides a structured and interactive approach to help small producers stand out in the UK wine market.

Our service will expertly guide you through capturing and collating the right information, to ensure it is available and accessible to the UK trade and press, invaluable in today’s fast moving, digital world.

Our framework will help you support wine sales and communicate ‘your story’ in a way that will captivate the imagination of your target audiences and consumers.


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