Case Studies

Furleigh Estate

We worked with Rebecca and Ian to identify and structure the right content, to respond with good quality information for wine trade and press.

This also gave them detailed information ready to hand, to make available and accessible from their new website.

7.1 CASE EG 1



We undertook an in depth look at everything Furleigh currently made available to customers and any online coverage.  This initial stage would allow us to understand what elements were being communicated and what might be insufficient in terms clarity and detail for trade and press.


We then guided them through an interactive process to identify the unique, distinctive information about Furleigh and their wines.  This helps to uncover a greater level of detail and promote a better understanding of which aspects should be highlighted as recognisable benchmarks and those aspects clearly distinct to Furleigh.


The Producer Toolkit framework helps provide a logical structure to work through, to ensure information is captured consistently, covering all the relevant aspects.  This formed the basis from which it could be tailored specifically to Furleigh as an English wine producer.


The objective is to provide Furleigh as a small producer, with a viable marketing solution to communicate their information, which recognised constraints on time and resources for a family run business.

We consolidated all the right components for them in a simple, final format, which also gave them a guiding ‘template’ for their content to manage and edit themselves in the future.


When Furleigh decided to commission a new website, they reaped the practical benefits of having everything ready to hand from the detailed content in their Producer Profile and Wine (Tech) Information sheets.

Furleigh Estate, English Wine Producer, Dorset